B-ChouChou Store

BY CHOUCHOU is the first store to provide DEVI KROELL, PIATONNA, SHANNA and KMO Jewel collections in Egypt, exclusively proud to be the only distributor of these very elegant touch of design.

You can visit us on the riverside of the great ancient Nile of Egypt in Zamalek, one of the richest and most wanted place in the capital of Egypt.

Feel like shopping in Paris

BY CHOUCHOU is a celebration of style and good taste.  The perfect balance of simplicity, elegance and sophistication.  The exquisite showcase of luxury and design. 

The Fall 2008 collections at  -
 are a mélange of the season’s key accessories and coveted items.  Our exquisite and exotic handbags, shoes and accessories are purposefully and exclusively chosen from some of the most renowned designers just for you. 

BY CHOUCHOU is a collection chosen for elegant, sophisticated women who have everything but would like a little something more…